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Audacity is one of the hottest open source audio editor and recorder used today. Free downloads of Audacity are available so anyone can use the software for whatever purpose they want. This means one can share this software to others, give it away or even sell it. Audacity is compatible to different platforms, and some of which are Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. Therefore, getting free Audacity download is a real treat and here are some additional reasons why:

  • Audio Editing and Recording – This software is quite flexible, this can be used in creating ringtones, converting tapes and recording it to CD’s. One can even mix and split tracks for fun, delete some segments in an audio file, and a lot more.
  • Basic Digital Editing – This software is packed with all the basic things you need to edit a digital audio file such as copying, pasting, cutting and deleting features. Using this software also allows user to undo certain actions limitless.
  • Converter – Audacity has the ability to convert files into MP3. Anyone can simply do this by just plugging the line of your cassette player to your computer and enjoy converting your records and cassettes.
  • Multi-Track Recorder – Audacity is capable of recording new tracks while you are listening to another one at the same time. This software unlimitedly supports tracks which makes this a perfect tool for multi-track recording. If you are fond of recording more than 10 tracks, then Audacity can simply help you as this program has the capacity to record as much as 16 tracks simultaneously.
  • Live Audio Recorder – Audacity records live presentations or whatever event where audio is required. It is simple to use, to record a live audio simply use a headset, click on the record action and it automatically records audio when you speak.

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